Spanish designer Eugeni Quitllet explores transparency and the play of light in a new series of lamps designed for Foscarini. A self-described dreamer, the designer's Satellight collection is ephemeral and weightless in appearance, and the subject of a short film that captures its beauty and simplicity within a series of evocative Venetian vignettes. 

Spanish designer Eugeni Quitllet describes himself as a “Disoñador”,a word he made up that's a  linguistic mash-up of ‘designer' and ‘dreamer'. Born in Barcelona in the footsteps of other dreamers like the architect Antonio Gaudi, Eugeni Quitllet graduated from Llotja Art School and designs objects that also step beyond the strictness of form and function. In his work that covers furniture, objects and lighting, Eugeni explores the relationship between solid and void, light and air, what he describes as the "elegant silhouettes hidden within the material”. The topic of weightlessness takes shape in many of his designs, including pieces for Kartell, and most recently his first light for Italian lighting group Foscarini who are well known for their craftsmanship and interest in material experimentation and trying new things. 

Like the Cloud-io chair and Vase-O that Eugeni designed for Kartell, the Satellight lamp steps away from opaque materials with transparency and a lightness in form. Interested in how light fluctuates in space he has 'bottled' it inside a large transparent glass bell. The effect is captured in a short film called 'Postcards of Light from Venice'. Here Satellight comes to life in a series of Venetian vignettes that are ephemeral and timeless and demonstrate the designer’s passion for simplicity and beauty.

Foscarini is exclusively available in Australia from Space – Australia