Estudio Campana is a more than 20-year collaboration between Brazilian brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, and their creative studio rich with makers: seamstresses, metal workers, architects, artists and designers.

"Transformation and reinvention" of Brazil's cultural history explains the Campana Brothers approach to their designs: the materials, the colours, the mixtures and the "creative chaos" found in the collections. Including one-off designs for galleries and brands such as Louis Vuitton, and their long-term relationship with Edra, the Italian design group who launched the brothers' career internationally back in the early 1990s.

It is out of this eclectic and potent mix that the Boa was born, one part Brazil, the other part Italy. The relationship with Edra began with a conversation between Fernando, Humbeto and the late Massimo Morozzi, Edra's maverick art director who spotted their work early and championed their approach. A decision that has established Edra as the darlings of the contemporary avant-garde.

In the footsteps of the Vermehla Chair, the Campana's first design manufactured by Edra that is woven by hand from 500 metres of rope, the Boa sofa is made from 120 metres of thick tube filled and covered with velvet and assembled like a soft nest. It is both sofa and landscape and described by the Campanas as "an invitation". 

The world of the Campana's is layered and colourful, it is the story of makers and artists, the people they collaborate with who are central to every project. As well as the furniture that takes shape in their Sao Paulo studio, they work on landscapes, sculpture, set design and interiors, and run design workshops and the not-for-profit Instituto Campana founded in 2009. With a focus on architecture and design, it is the institute that looks after the Campana catalogue and goes further to promote and protect Brazilian culture, history and the arts.

The making of the Vermelha Chair involves 500 metres of rope woven by hand.

The making of the Vermelha Chair involves 500 metres of rope woven by hand.

Getting an insight into this hands-on process, filmmaker Gabi Bernd travelled with Fernando and Humberto into Brazil's hot countryside to meet artist Espedito Seleiro, whose work they had first seen through ArteSol. Like other collaborations the brothers work is built on trust and respect, the final design a celebration of true Brazilian craftsmanship. 

We visited him [Espedito Seleiro] and fell in love with his universe full of colours, textures and materials. And I said it would be nice to work together. We could create a framework for his work.
— Humberto Campana, Estudio Campana

Around the world and at home in Brazil, Fernando and Humberto have defined their design space and their work is now some of the most collected. Last month their iconic pieces went on show at the Museo Oscar Niemeyer in Rio de Janeiro,, with pieces on exhibition including the Favela and Corallo armchairs produced by Edra, and more than 120 pieces spanning their 20 year career.  

This is the first in a series of stories on the designers and products that have shaped, and been shaped, by Edra. A design company that celebrates 30 years this year, with a legacy built on collaborations with the world's most important contemporary furniture designers.

The full collection of Campana Brothers furniture for Edra is available exclusively in Australia from Space Australia.