Studio Arihiro Miyake was founded by designer Arihiro Miyake in Finland in 2004, his latest work Coppélia transforms LED technology and echoes the beauty and classical lines popularised by Bohemian and Venetian master glassmakers of the 18th century.

Moooi Coppélia Suspended Lamp by Arihiro Miyake

Moooi Coppélia Suspended Lamp by Arihiro Miyake

I wanted to create a lamp that you can only create with LEDs, but also related to the classical chandelier
— Arihiro Miyake

Its name comes from the comical ballet that launched at the Paris Opera in 1870 and tells the story of Coppélia, a mechanical doll whose extraordinary beauty draws admirers desperate to win her affections.

Since medieval times chandeliers have also drawn us into their beauty like moths to the flame. First made for the nobility as a symbol of status and luxury, chandeliers gained popularity and by the 18th century were embraced by Venetian glass makers whose ability to facet crystal transformed light with magical effect, their spectacular creations soon gracing theatres and palaces across Europe.

I have been thinking of this lamp for many years, design should be translated into a language that people can understand or appreciate
— Arihiro Miyake

With a nod to the rich history of chandeliers and the designers who produced them, Coppélia is one of the newest chandeliers in Moooi's popular lighting collection. Coppélia has 54 LED lights connected to a delicate frame of interconnecting fine wire, creating both its structure and its shape. Arihiro's ability to hone back to the simplest of forms gives the piece a lightness, it feels finessed, like a beautiful piece of jewellery, with tapering lights reminiscent of candles used in the earliest chandeliers.

The Moooi Coppélia Suspended Lamp by Arihiro Miyake is available at Space Furniture: Space Australia – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and Space Asia – Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.