Head designer, founder and namesake Nani Marquina with some of the craftsman behind her rugs.

Head designer, founder and namesake Nani Marquina with some of the craftsman behind her rugs.

Leading up to their 30th anniversary in 2017 Nani Marquina launches ‘Nanimarquina, 30 years in 5 minutes’, a film rich in process that explores the journey of one of the world’s most creative rug makers. 

Here more space looks back on the Spanish brand's history.

In many parts of the world where Spanish rug maker Nanimarquina works, craftsmanship is generational and the process is just as important as the final design.

Head designer, founder and namesake Nani Marquina, founded the Barcelona-based, family owned, contemporary rug making company in 1987 at the height of a surge in popularity for Spanish design.

Always looking for ways to reinvent the meaning and possibilities of their craft, the group experiments with the traditional skills of rug making transformed in the hands of the craftspeople and designers they collaborate with.

The nomadic origins of rug making and its strong symbolism inspired the group to work all over the world. Researching weaving techniques, the simplicity of materials and the beauty of textures, colours and shapes, in 1993 Nanimarquina moved its production to the north of India where the group now works with centuries-old local skills that have been passed down, generation by generation.

It’s here that Nanimarquina blends the beauty of old skills and cultures with contemporary ideas in collaboration with designers including Ronan and Erwan BouroullecDoshi Levien’s Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, and Ron Arad.

The collections they produce offer a new personal experience and a philosophy connecting east and west, creating balance and reinvigorating creativity through heritage.

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