Design author and critic Alice Rawsthorn recently spoke at TED in the US about the power of design thinking through history.

In her talk, Rawsthorn focused on the people she calls 'accidental' designers, characters who used design intuitively to win battles, send a message, or like Florence Nightingale, redesign hospitals that saved lives through better planning.

All truly inspiring design projects have one thing in common, they began with a dream... this is why the greatest designers are almost always the biggest dreams and rebels and renegades.
— Alice Rawsthorn, 'Pirates, nurses and other rebel designers', TED 2016

It's a fascinating and insightful talk that reveals the mavericks who have laid the foundations for technologies and design principles we know today. And as Rawsthorn reveals, they are also the characters who drew her into the world of design journalism and inspire her ongoing search for the design renegades of today.