Designer Rodolfo Dordoni with his Lumiere lamps for Foscarini.

Designer Rodolfo Dordoni with his Lumiere lamps for Foscarini.

Foscarini commemorates 25 years of Lumiere - their refined reinterpretation of the classic table lamp - with a special metallic edition.

In the two decades since it was released, Lumiere has become an iconic product for Italian lighting brand Foscarini. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni in 1990, there's nothing quite like Lumiere's form, with its distinctive blown glass shade and aluminium tripod base.

To celebrate the design's 25th birthday, Lumiere has been given shimmering new features.

The new Lumiere 25th has a shade with a metallic-like finish that is handcrafted through a painstaking 100-hour process.

The glass shade is made of four overlapping layers to ensure the striking mirror-finish and optimal light: a layer of paliesco ensures the warmth of the light generated. Next comes a layer of delicate crystal and one of white.

Finally, a top metallic coating is laid upon with utmost care. The mirror surface is unforgiving meaning there can't be the slightest imprecision in the coating. It must be perfectly even.

During Milan Design Week 2016 in April, Foscarini chose to take a conceptual approach to celebrating the design's 25th birthday. In the Anni Luce exhibition at the Triennale di Milano, 26 screens were used to tell the story of the last 25 years: a fast quarter of a century, characterised by epochal changes.

A lot has changed in 25 years, but Foscarini's Lumiere has endured.
Lumiere 25th is available in two sizes through Space Furniture Australia, find out more here.