The Santiago table balances a lightness of form with impressive engineering. Designer Frank Rettenbacher discusses his influences.

The Austrian designer Frank Rettenbacher lives in Amsterdam and began his collaboration with Zanotta in 2014.

The Zanotta Santiago table was released during the Milan Furniture Fair in 2015 and is one of the designer's most highly engineered projects, featuring a finely honed, minimal approach inspired by the great Spanish architect and structural engineer, Santiago Calatrava.

“The idea for the Santiago table was to bring the same lightness of the metal tops I designed for Zanotta in 2014 (the small table Emil and the console table Mina) into a bigger product. The challenge was always about how to create a solid wood table featuring the same linear and distinguishing silhouette of the light metal structures," enthuses Rettenbacher.

Following a careful study of the shapes and supports used by Calatrava in his larger-scaled projects by Rettenbacher and the Zanotta technical team, the detailed construction of the Santiago table cleverly provides strength to the slender wooden legs.

Leg and support detail of the Santiago table inspired by the work of Santiago Calatrava.

Leg and support detail of the Santiago table inspired by the work of Santiago Calatrava.

“This project is an intense and precise work and I am happy to say that like me, the technical staff at Zanotta are real maniacs of constructional details," remarks the designer. "In fact the table is made of solid Canaletto walnut (or oak) with a slender profile and thin legs embraced by detailed wires that illustrate the flow of forces. The expanded table top conceals strengthening T-profiles that prevent warping and avoid bulky cross-bars. It's a real engineering work.”

Santiago is one of the most lightweight tables available, and, like many pieces in the Zanotta collection, it can be tailor-made in a mono-chromatic finish, or specified in a contrast of woods.  

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