To celebrate Maxalto’s 40-year anniversary, Space Furniture invited stylist Steve Cordony to accent the Maxalto floor within the Sydney showroom. Here he shares his thoughts on Maxalto’s enduring appeal and his approach to styling the collection.

Maxalto is a brand that I have come to admire and appreciate for its timeless appeal, use of precious materials and focus on fine detail. 

It’s rare that a furniture collection can combine a traditional ethos with such modernity. Maxalto designs combine classic style and traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology.

The brand really ticks all the boxes. They bring a high-end glam look to a space while maintaining the sense of texture and layering. Their pieces radiate an intangible soul.

Styling with Maxalto

I’ve used a lot of Maxalto in my styling work. Generally, it’s in more grand settings or in shoots that have a contemporary take on a traditional twist.

I’ve always loved the shape and materiality of the brand’s pieces. The subtle colour palette and neutral base allows the form and materials of each design to take centre stage. 

Steve include the Maxalto Simplice Loto side table in this shoot in the July 2015 issue of  Belle  magazine.

Steve include the Maxalto Simplice Loto side table in this shoot in the July 2015 issue of Belle magazine.

Even though I’m quite familiar with the pieces, I found it wasn’t until I got up close and personal and spent a day with them in the showroom that I could really see how all the pieces fit together. 

You notice the beautiful double table joints, how the fabric sits together and the hand stitching that happens. 

The proportions and meticulous workmanship that goes into each artisanal piece is quite incredible and instantly recognisable.

Layering and texture

Layering is one of the most important elements in creating a space. Each Maxalto collection is so intricately detailed that working within the Space showroom to provide accents to the collection felt effortless.

I wanted to bring lush life and fresh crisp greenery in and everything else apart from that was neutral.

I drew out some of the colours that were in the fabrics of the new collection: the deep beautiful purple from the velvet and then also the deep red or burgundy, which is on a few armchairs and some of the lacquered painted tables.

Adding accents of green and deep purple with styling elements added another layer to each setting in a subtle and simplistic way. 

I also was interested in playing with scale and proportion which is why I placed the big branches of greenery against the wall with the black and white wallpaper (see image at top).

Always inspirational

I can see the influence of the brand on my work and indeed within my own home. 

Being an interior stylist I see so many new and exciting products, but I always come back to the timeless classics. That’s how I see Maxalto - it’s all about “modern, classic glamour”. Maxalto embodies this perfectly and it’s the aesthetic I pursue within my own apartment.

Maxalto pieces have always and will continue to maintain a soulful elegance for those who seek classic designs with a contemporary twist.

View the Maxalto collection on the Space Furniture websites: Space Australia / Space Asia.