In the following interview, more space chatted with Creative Director Robin Rizzini , to gain an insight into the SP01 collection and the ideas that have shaped the new brand.

More Space: How would you describe SP01?

Robin Rizzini: Honest materials and construction details able to render the sense of craftsmanship and quality. Italian with a Scandinavian flare. This is SP01.

Designing a new collection for a completely new brand can't be an easy task, what were the key considerations from the brief and how did this develop along the way?

I shall confirm it is not. We have been consistent to our business model, which implies a shared iconographic research, feedback and concept sketches. Designing a new collection, the first collection, for a completely new brand is easier and riskier at the same time. The market will tell.

Please describe the area of Italy where SP01 is made, and the region's design provenance.

The collection is being produced in the Brianza district of Lombardia and Veneto: the two epicentres for high quality furniture production in Italy. We have collaborated with some of the best suppliers who are trained to work with designers and they are able to balance their craft and knowledge in the world of wood, metal and upholstery with the many constraints given by designers.

Timber features strongly, along with a visibly crafted approach. Was there a conscious decision to set SP01 apart through materiality and craftsmanship?

Yes indeed. This was also a specific request of the design brief. Besides, it was of great interest for us to include in this collection some of the quality and craftsmanship that has given Italian design and its supply chain the reputation for excellence all over the world.

I always try to apply the “as little design as possible” rule by Dieter Rams. Take away, rather than add.
— Robin Rizzini

What are the key design elements and materials you have chosen?

The key design elements are the right mix of materials and the attempt to make something that looks contemporary in its proportions and timeless in its perception. My approach to material and design is very honest: I always try to apply the “as little design as possible” rule by Dieter Rams. Take away, rather than add.

What did you enjoy most about the SP01 project?

The grand dedication that everyone put into this adventure. The engaging and challenging relationship with the Space team, their competence and passion for design, quality, and Italy. Finally, and importantly, the development phase with the ever-precious contribution and competence of our technical advisory team at Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners.

What other brands has your design team worked with?

We have been working with many brands around the world. To name a few: Zanotta, Arper, Cor, Desalto, Extremis, MDF Italia, Offecct, Poliform, Sa Mobler, and now SP01

Can you name some of the key designs your studio has created, the ones that stand out the most for you?

The most representative project that better represents us as we are today is more likely Space. This kind of project from sketch to production is what we are really strong at. B

esides, all of our projects tend to be representative of our design philosophy: correct use of materials, reduce rather than add and work with a “controlled level of innovation”. We call this educated design.

Could you share some of your inspirations over the years, from people, books and films, to art and design?

I get my inspirations from many sources: the work of the great designers and architects are my main source. Music and art exhibitions are also a great source of light. I recently admired John Hoyland's artworks in London. Books or films... there are too many, however, one book I would like to mention is Punkt und Linie zu Fläche by Wassily Kandinski. When I am seeking the right design or solution, I often think of Achille Castiglioni, Le Corbusier, Mies Van Der Rohe, Dieter Rams or Jean Prouvè, and then I add my contribution.

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