Discover how a discussion at Space Furniture about the international furniture market between colleagues was the starting point for the launch of a new brand.

It all began as a discussion about the international furniture market. A group of colleagues  sharing more than 70 years of design knowledge collectively, started thinking about a new furniture brand that would not only shape the company's direction, but would embed their values and experience and give the team the opportunity to work on a new collection from the ground up.

Sounds risky, maybe. But when you have a design team already working with the word's best brands and specialist manufacturers, it becomes an opportunity not to be missed.

"At Space we are always looking at new ideas and initiatives. We like to challenge ourselves, we think internationally, not just locally. The team is always considering where we will be in 5 years, in 20 years, so the challenge we needed to address was how we could expand the business, yet stay true to our values", explains Christina Caredes, the group's CEO. "So SP01 wasn’t created with the aim to fill in gaps, we didn’t want to create products in a piece-meal way.  We wanted to build something that could have its own life locally and internationally".

The new SP01 collection is immediately defined by beautiful detailing, craftsmanship and high quality natural materials that include FSC-certified ash timber, leather, wool and steel.

The range is fresh and deceivingly simple in form and it is in those details that SP01 shapes a personality of its own, brought to life by the collective design skills of Robin Rizzini, who cut his teeth working with Antonio Citterio; the award winning team at Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners, recipients of the much coveted Compasso D’Oro; and the workmanship of the best factories and craftsmen in the world.

We wanted a design brand that was as relevant for a studio in New York City as it was for a terrace house in London. It should fit into homes both large and small, in Tokyo or in Sydney. We were looking for a brand that everyone could appreciate.
— Christina Caredes, CEO Space Furniture


While the momentum of the SP01 launch is underway, the team is already working on the final prototypes for the brand's next collection. Due for release later this year, Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners have been collaborating with an Australian design team on the collection, but more on that soon.  

"I am excited about being in control of our future, having new opportunities for our team and adding a new dimension to our successful businesses", enthuses Christina. "This is a new opportunity for the group and it is an exciting proposition for growth and exploration."