Kartell introduces the latest Philippe Starck upholstered chair: Madame - World of Emilio Pucci Edition. 

The product is part of the fashion house’s Cities of the World project, which was created to celebrate Emilio Pucci’s stores throughout the world. It features a capsule collection of limited edition scarves that flaunt the Florentine brand’s trademark style and lead visitors on a virtual journey through colour and design. 

The prints in the Madame - World of Emilio Pucci Edition project are abstract yet remain faithful to the architecture, landscapes and fascinating details where the Emilio Pucci boutiques can be found. Madame - World of Emilio Pucci Edition comes in different prints dedicated to New York, Paris, Rome and Shanghai.

Madame follows the success of Philippe Starck’s Mademoiselle chair which was Kartell’s first ever combination of two aesthetic qualities: solidity and space, materiality and transparency.

Since its release in 2005, the Mademoiselle chair has been ‘dressed’ by fashion houses like Missoni and Moschino, and by musician Lenny Kravitz in 2013.

View the Kartell Madame Pucci collection on the Space Furniture Australia website.