An exhibition at the Zanotta space in Milan explores the highly original design approach of brothers and designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.

The exhibition 'Homage to Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni’ opens on the 21st October at the Zanotta space in Milan, featuring the masterpieces of Italian design imagined by the two Castiglione brothers and manufactured by Zanotta for more than 40 years. 

At the turn of the century much has been said and written about the Castiglioni brothers; their timeless objects conceived by a mix of expressiveness, usability and formal pleasantness remain in the collective memory as everyday pieces that resist time and trends.

Many of these objects are in major museums of art and design worldwide, and the majority of them are still on the market. Zanotta has kept in its collection almost all of the pieces designed by the Castiglioni brothers from 1957 onwards, and which were put into production by the founder Aurelio Zanotta, who was aware of the extraordinary value of the work and ideas.

A good project is designed by ambition not to be a symbol, but by the desire to set up an exchange, even if small, with the unknown person who will use the object designed by you.
— Achille Castiglioni

Giovanna Castiglioni who heads up the Castiglione Foundation in Milan with her brother and sister have opened up the studio and workplace of her father and uncle to share their ideology and work process. It's here their design methods emerge, carried on by the two brothers together first (until the death of Pier Giacomo) and then by Achille alone. It is a highly original synthesis of applied arts, function and research for new, ironic and unsettling forms and techniques.

The exhibition is a small summary of the approach, favouring the experimental side of the Castiglioni’s objects brought to life in a playful set:. The Mezzadro stools (1957) “mowing” a piece of lawn, the Allunaggio seats (1965) landing on the planet and the Sella seats (1957) sprinting on a road. Irony and function march side by side. Curiosity, along with humour, desire of experimentation and the will to reach new records always guided Aurelio Zanotta, founder of Zanotta and the Castiglioni brothers biggest supporter. Their relationship, and the results of their working together, gave birth to an important moment in design history. A magic moment which lives on in the Zanotta catalogue.

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