The  Groove bench by Porro  in solid wood stands out for its simplicity, balance and symmetry

The Groove bench by Porro in solid wood stands out for its simplicity, balance and symmetry

It is not many companies that can celebrate 90 years, and in particular one with the impact on the design industry that furniture maker Porro has had since 1925.

Since that time, the Porro family has continued to support the traditions of Italian craftsmanship in tune with the advances of manufacturing innovation.

With beginnings in the traditional birthplace of Italian design, Brianza, Porro was founded in the town of Montesolaro of Carimate by brothers Giulio and Stefano Porro, and their first workshop was dedicated to the production of traditional pieces for the newborn ‘Milanese bourgeoisie’.

Porro in the 1960s

The Porro family marked the 1960s with the transformation into design production and the collaboration with some of the most important Italian designers of the period, including Bruno Munari who created the company’s logo in 1966. One of the founding exhibitors of the Salone del Mobile di Milano in 1961, the fair allowed the brand to spread its wings internationally and establish a place within the growing design industry. 

By the late-80s, a professional collaboration began with architect and designer Piero Lissoni, who has been the group’s art director ever since, and relationships have developed with a sweep of international designers including French architect and designer Jean-Marie Massaud, Christophe Pillet and the Swedish group, Front.

The Porro collection - simply beautiful


Clear and simple design is how Porro describes its collection of furniture, accessories and compliments and this is the philosophy that ties all of their collaborators together. Porro stands out for its essential and immediately identified language, with simple geometries and shapes created with highly complex production processing techniques.

Highlights from the collection include crafted timber pieces by Front, the Gentle chair and Inlay storage collection, as well as the super refined Sundial that is a white on white wall clock.

While the Ferro and Groove tables by Piero Lissoni are each made from one material, metal and wood, and are both beautifully restrained. French designer Jean-Marie Massaud has a similar approach in his work. The Lipla bed has one strong horizontal element that quietly hovers above the floor.

Progressive since the start, Porro remains a family concern with roots tied to tradition and quality. Designs are manufactured within the company and in collaboration with craftspeople within the region, drawing on skills and complex techniques, such as inlay, metal folding, solid wood processing or thermal and plastic material processing.

Although the Porro brand dates back to 1925 it has always read the design signs of the times.

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