16 January 2013 - Having successfully removed more than 9 million (and counting) PET Coca-Cola bottles from the landfill since the 2010 launch of the 111 Navy chair, American brand Emeco yet again up the ante in its constant search for innovative sustainable design with the launch of the revolutionary Broom chair designed by Philippe Starck.

The partnership between Starck and Emeco is not new. With the latest Broom chair, the dynamic duo has joined efforts to work towards zero waste by both avoiding and eliminating waste.

Since the start of the industrial revolution, the practice of unrestrained extraction of raw materials from the earth in making products which end up in the trash heap has continued unabated. The waste from manufacturing detritus like plastic and wood chips are deemed useless and inevitably ended up in landfills. Imagine if this “waste” can be swept up and collected to produce something strong, smart and beautiful that can be used and enjoyed.

Enter the Broom chair – a design made from a composite of reclaimed polypropylene and discarded wood fibre (the so-called “waste” from manufacturing). Combining intelligent materiality with beautiful form, Broom chair is a manifestation of this 21st century ecologically correct ideology. It has a past life as industrial waste and a future as a chair in your life.

‘Imagine,’ said Philippe Starck, ‘there is a humble guy who takes a humble broom and starts to clean the workshop and with this dust of nothing, with this he makes new magic. That's why we call it Broom.’ The Broom chair is no longer about recycling but rather it repurposes manufacturing with a three-fold environmental impact - less energy, less waste and less carbon.

Another new design from Emeco is the SoSo collection of chairs designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. A Pritzker Prize recipient in 2008, Nouvel has made an indelible mark in the world of architecture today - his recent projects include the 10th Serpentine Gallery Pavilion and Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi just to name a few. Keeping in line with the brand’s DNA, the SoSo chair respects Emeco’s age-old manufacturing methods and is made of 80% recycled aluminium like the classic 10-06 Navy chair. In terms of aesthetics it follows Nouvel’s philosophy - interpreting the quality of “Nothingness” in its true minimalist form.

“Working with Emeco is like being in a field of wheat. The crop is grown and my job is to simply harvest,” said Nouvel commenting on why Emeco is a choice collaborator for today’s most celebrated architects.

"Jean Nouvel has really managed to take the back bone of Emeco and leverage a new vocabulary,” said Emeco’s CEO, Gregg Buchbinder. “When you look at a SoSo you will see the beauty of the craft. When you sit in SoSo you will feel the comfort and quality. When you think about SoSo you will understand the intelligence of process, making recycled materials last a lifetime.”

“Emeco’s approach ‘First, let’s make things that last’ resonates with Green Space philosophy, an ongoing platform to encourage more people to think and include decisions on sustainability in their everyday lives. It is an all embracing approach which proves that ecological and social returns can go hand in hand and will continue to form an integral part of a sustainable business model,” explained General Manager of Space Asia, Syddal Wee.

“The 111 Navy chair is a good case in point. Launched in 2010, it is still much lauded and continues to generate a buzz in the design and eco-conscious community. Always challenging the status quo, Emeco takes it one-up again with the Broom chair proving that they are serious on a continuous quest for zero waste and not just paying lip service,” added Syddal.

"Our goal at Emeco is to make the world a better place. We use waste and transform it into beautiful chairs made to last a lifetime. Syddal and his team at Space share our same commitment to the environment and for us it’s important that our partnership continue to educate and encourage people to make the best choices for our planet,” concluded Gregg who will be in town to conduct a sustainability talk titled “First, Let’s Make Things That Last” at School of the Arts (SOTA) and to launch the new collections at Space Furniture.  

Emeco Broom chair and SoSo chair are exclusively available at Space Furniture.