Space Furniture launches its most ecologically-friendly product to date – Emeco 111 Navy. A joint venture between two great American corporations The Coca-Cola Company and Emeco, the Emeco 111 Navy is made of at least 111 rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, hence its name.

PET is more commonly known as the material for the regular plastic bottle which is an everyday object of great familiarity to anyone. This initiative promises a post-consumerism path for a projected number of 3 million plastic bottles a year.  Modeled after the classic design of the Navy 1006 chair, the 111 Navy chair is available in six colours: Coca-Cola Red, Snow, Flint, Grass, Persimmon and Charcoal.  

The launch of the 111 Navy not only brings to light a high quality product can be achieved from recycled material* but also illustrates Space’s vision in promoting sustainability. This is in-line with Space’s brand philosophy of improving the quality of life through quality of design and the subsequent manufacturing process.  

“A product like the 111 Navy chair pays a high level of regard to the environment and minimises the unnecessary utilisation of the earth’s resources. We hope to set a new benchmark in luxury furniture retailing by continuing to introduce more ‘green’ products such as the 111 Navy and initiatives to enhance the overall Space experience,” Syddal Wee, general manager of Space Asia.  

"Emeco's famous 1006 Navy Chair is made out of 80% recycled aluminum and designed to last 150 years - that’s what we call sustainability. Our new 111 Navy chair is made out of 111 recycled PET bottles. We use discarded plastic beverage bottles and make them into a very high quality chair - that's what we call upcycling*. Syddal Wee, the general manager of Space, has said the utmost ecological chairs are made by Emeco. It is a pleasure and a delight to have a partner in Singapore like Space who cares as much as we do about the world around us," Gregg Buchbinder, chairman of Emeco.  

Emeco is exclusively available at Space Furniture.  

 *The conversion of waste products into a new product of higher quality or value is known as upcycling