B&B Italia Husk chair by Patricia Urquiola

A moulded plastic shell and a series of soft cushions: these are the basic elements of the Husk armchair. Husk is the result of a long development process to create a versatile armchair that is both unique in its own right and able to complement even the most classic sofas. Three types of cushions are available: standard, large and very large or with a headrest, while the body support can be either fixed or rotating. An ottoman footrest is also available. Playing on the wide range of colours and finishes of the body (in four-toned recycled plastic), the support (in natural oak or grey or black lacquered wood) and covers (numerous types of leather or fabric). Husk can radically change its appearance, from a single colour to an extremely bright or subtly elegant style. With this project, B&B Italia embraces the theme of ecology by using both recycled and recyclable materials, and components that can be fully disassembled in future - thus simplifying the recycling process and reducing the environmental impact.

Carl Hansen & Son Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner

The Wishbone chair (CH24) is one of the iconic design greats associated with Danish modern designs. Conceived in 1950 by Hans J. Wegner, the design longevity, quality and durability epitomises the ideals of an ecologically correct product in the 21st century. Made out of biodegradable products from paper cord for the seat to Danish hardwoods, the materials used for the chair are from sustainable reserves, further endorsing the total eco-approach in the fabrication of the chair.

Emeco Navy Chair

In a move regarded as visionary in the approach to the design and fabrication of the new iconic Navy chair, Emeco can proudly claim its position as the ultimate ecological chair manufacturer. Introduced in the 1940’s, and made of 80% recycled aluminum, no other chair offers a 150 year lifetime warranty. 

Recognising its position as the ultimate ecological chair manufacturer, the Coca Cola Company after an exhaustive evaluation process, partnered Emeco in the joint design and fabrication of the 111 Navy chair, made from 111 recycled PET coke bottles. With the proactive partnership in up-cycling potentially useless used bottles, Emeco can justly strengthen its position as the flag bearer for ecologically friendly products in the industry.

Flos Kelvin LED light by Antonio Citterio

Form and function become one with the Kelvin LED. A new vision in LED technology, Kelvin LED is an avant-garde design that draws on in-depth technical research and advanced light optimisation and energy saving studies. Providing direct lighting with double arm, fixed pantograph and an adjustable head, the switch is cleverly positioned on the head by way of sensor technology.

High efficiency lighting with non toxic paint, recyclable materials and low power consumption of only 8 w, it is designed to respect the environment in every sense.