Emeco Broom chair by Philippe Starck

An innovative creator and an environmentally pioneering manufacturer have joined efforts to work towards zero waste. A design collaboration that both avoids and eliminates waste, the Broom chair combines intelligent materiality with beautiful form.

In the industrial age factories plunder raw materials from the earth to make products that soon end up on the trash heap. This process is still happening every day, all over the world. It is time to stop and think. Broom introduces an entirely new chair material composite, combining reclaimed polypropylene and discarded wood fiber.

Made from a compound of industry waste from lumber factories and industrial plastic plants, this material has a three-fold environmental impact. Less energy, less waste and less carbon.

In most manufacturing there is waste. Ends and pieces of plastic and wood are discarded and thrown away. Imagine a new material that sweeps up this waste, combines it, and makes something strong and smart and beautiful. The result is the Broom chair. It has a past life as industrial waste and a future as a chair in your life. ‘Imagine,’ says Philippe Starck, ‘there is a humble guy who takes a humble broom and starts to clean the workshop and with this dust of nothing, with this he makes new magic. That's why we call it Broom.’

The Broom chair is no longer about recycling but rather it repurposes manufacturing.


Jake Dyson CSYS LED task light by Jake Dyson

The CSYS LED task light is a dimmable LED lamp that marries the latest technology with sleek design and also addresses environmental concerns. It features a clever application of heat pipe technology that will ensure sustainable quality performance of the LEDs for over 160,000 hours continual use, which equates to up to 37 years, at 12 hours use a day. This technology maintains the quality of the light and good colour rendition, for a vastly increased lifespan. 

With the generally-accepted energy-saving alternative CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), there are inherent problems such as mercury content, health and landfill disposal issues. CSYS will provide a cleaner more sustainable mode of lighting, by using the latest high intensity warm white LEDs with a clever cooling system to keep them running brightly and efficiently, for a much longer life span – in fact, for life. The CSYS LED task light requires no replacement bulbs, has no mercury content and therefore reduces environmental damage. And at only 8.8W the CSYS task light is five times more energy efficient than a comparable halogen bulb.

B&B Italia Hive ottoman by Atelier Oï

This project by design collective Atelier Oi presented at this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, is an interpretation of a furnishing complement that is both graceful and poetic. Manually crafted, this ottoman is assembled using leftover leather scraps to create its highly tactile surface.