Space Furniture, together with Cubes Indesign, unveiled three Green Space installations by Axis.Point Design, IMAJIN + Facetnating Brothers (collaboration of two design firms) and studiogoto. The installations are exhibited at the Space Asia Hub showroom on Bencoolen Street from 23 April to 4 May.

This year, three flag bearers of design sustainability from the Emeco collection – the iconic 10-06 Navy chair, the innovative 111 Navy chair and the revolutionary Broom chair – were selected to be transformed into installations. Partnering for the third consecutive year, Space Furniture and Cubes Indesign collectively identified the designers to collaborate with for this meaningful project. The brief for them was to conceptualise an installation incorporating recycled materials to narrate the philosophy behind each design.

“Regarded as a considerable albeit nascent initiative by Space Asia, Green Space aims to engage the design community through dynamic presentation of content to inform about design sustainability. This year, our participating designers come from different backgrounds from architecture, to multi-disciplinary creative agencies, resulting in varied creative interpretations,” observed Syddal Wee, general manager of Space Asia.  “By selecting to work with Emeco chairs, it tells the story on how this American brand constantly strives to innovate and evolve with its use of materials to achieve the goal of a zero-waste environment.”

"We believe that it is possible to make beautiful products with least damage to our planet. Using recycled and reclaimed materials to make things that last is how we define sustainability. As we move forward on our mission, the biggest reward is to share this passion with architects and designers who are committed to build a more sustainable future. Our partner Space Furniture's continuous initiatives to inspire others to join us on this mission is most encouraging," noted Alev Öztas, VP sales and marketing of Emeco.

"Cubes Indesign has always been a keen supporter of the Green Space initiative, and we are pleased to be partnering with Space for the third year running. Each edition of Green Space sees fresh ways of bringing across the sustainability message through design, and this year is no different. Axis.Point Design, studiogoto and IMAJIN+Facetnating Brothers have managed to underline the ecological story behind three of Emeco's key products with much creativity and wit," added Rachel Lee-Leong, managing editor of Cubes Indesign.


In conjunction with the exhibition, there is a parallel promotion on the three Emeco chairs to increase their accessibility and further encourage appreciation.