With Absolu, Francesco Binfarè wanted to revolutionise the sofa. Starting with the ‘smart pillow’ developed for Edra's Standard sofa, Binfarè then added something he refers to as the ‘jewel’ to the sofa. 

“Sometimes in the history of models, even those of clothing, a little invention created unpredictable opportunities for renewal. Just think of the zipper or button-fastening,” explains Binfarè.

Absolu is a classic typography with the flexibility of a new type of cushion that can be used as both armrest or backrest. The ‘jewel’ Binfarè refers to, is actually a brass socket that can be plated in gold, palladium or ruthenium, and is designed to harness the smart pillow. The pillow itself is malleable and adaptable to the user’s needs: a strong support with a soft silhouette that can be raised, lowered and tilted to the left or right with minimal effort. 

Binfarè set out to create a sofa that was not influenced by trends, that offers maximum comfort and adds elegance to a room. Filled with Edra’s signature Gellyfoam, the padded sofa is completely modular and offers seats in different shapes, sizes and depths. Its various elements can be combined to achieve linear, angular or a curvy composition.

Absolu is the latest addition to the Edra collection and represents an evolution of technical, aesthetic and formal research for a company grounded in explorative innovation.