Earlier this year Rome's MAXXI gallery hosted an exhibition that explored the cross cultural design exchange that is growing between Italy and Holland and the expat Italian designers who are drawn to the poetics of Dutch design schools, including the Design Academy Eindhoven. Italy is well known for its output of designers including legends of the 1960s: Achille Castiglioni, Vico Magistretti, Anna Castelli Ferrieri, Gaetano Pesce; and more recently: Antonio Citterio and Ferruccio Laviani. While in Holland: Studio Job, Marcel Wanders and Bertjan Pot are some of the busiest designers working today. In the following interview, design writer Chiara Alessi explores how two very different nations are shaping the direction of design today.

Not surprisingly, the two end points in this narration – interpreted by seven “expat” Italian designers – are Italy and Holland, today’s two drives and references in the most noteworthy paths of those who choose to complete their design training outside Italy. Although more and more foreign schools are chosen by Italians and to express themselves in design, the Design Academy Eindhoven has, perhaps, become the foremost symbol of a special and quite distinctive attitude, so much so that we have come to link designs or poetics to the Dutch school in a display of antonomasia even when they have a different geographical provenance. The “Design Destinations” exhibition presents an archipelago of such examples that trace a collective map of personal experiences and dialogues between origin and destination: seven conceptual or, if you prefer, “ideal” responses to the theme of baggage and cultural migration.

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