Tsé & Tsé associées is Catherine Lévy and Sigolène Prébois who have have been drawing and making objects from their little Paris studio since they graduated from the ENSCI-Les Ateliers. On graduation like many designers the pair decided to start their own workshop and build a completely independent studio, free to choose their own projects and shape their own collections. Describing their objects as long-lasting, easy-to-live-with and far from the ephemeral waves of fashion, Catherine and Sigolène have successfully bridged art with production processes by collaborating with local makers (as well as a few further afield) who specialise in glass, metal or porcelain to create the ranges of tableware, vases and lights, as well as a growing collection of 'other species' – silk scarves, books, tea lights and bags inspired by their travels and the colourful cultures of other places, like India and Mexico.

Synonymous with their studio and design process is the April Vase, the Night Igloo and the Famished Plates. They are the most recognisable designs in the collection and some of the first to come out of the studio. Here, test tubes and porcelain are transformed to create something thoughtful, surprising, sincere and also practical. The work is layered in humourous references that reveal their philosophical depth.

In addition to their Paris studio, since 2011 the designers have also run their own shop so they can show the full collection alongside their latest research, what the two describe as 'their unusual lucky finds'. This cute little film goes inside their studio (in french), exploring their work and process and the wonderful materials and objects they collect.