In part 2 of an interview with Artichoke magazine, Moooi's Casper Vissers discusses the importance of turbulance and the success of the partnership – Marcel the creative spirit hungry to understand the rational, and Casper, the business entrepreneur with a keen eye for product. "Years ago at the very start of Moooi, Marcel and I drove in Marcel’s old vintage sports car to a famous designer who designed a carpet, Petra Blaisse the wife of architect Rem Koolhaas," remembers Vissers. "We all walked into the room and looked at the carpet, all three of us standing there looking and thinking. Then Marcel spoke about marketing and sales and I gave comments you would normally expect from a designer or art director. Petra looked at us and said: 'Hold on, who of you is the businessman and who of you is the art director?' We were quiet for a few seconds and then laughed. Our reaction had been spontaneous. As Marcel’s left part of the brain already decided within seconds the design was good, he was wondering about the commercial aspects. As my right part of the brain already decided what to do on the sales and marketing side, I was wondering if the design was strong enough to sell."

Both Casper Vissers and Marcel Wanders understand the rational and the emotional and have the unique skills to complement one another – and to get even more grip on the rational, Marcel is currently doing his MBA in Paris while Vissers' jokes that he should probably enroll at the Design Academy Eindhoven.