In Australia earlier this year to take part in a series of insider business talks hosted by Space Furniture, Moooi CEO and co-founder Casper Vissers revealed the inner workings of the company he founded with Marcel Wanders in 2001.

"Many years ago I saw a professor of business on TV", remarks Casper Vissers. "The interviewer asked him the secret behind a successful business. He said: 'We have generally speaking two types of professional behaviour. People who think a lot and never do and people who do a lot and never think'. His advice was to do both and you will have a good chance to succeed. This statement is very true but probably needs a third layer. You should think, do and create some turbulence for attention. How many people are sleeping in a plane with heavy turbulence? At Moooi we have a great desire to explore the undiscovered. If the majority goes right, we will investigate seriously all options on the left. To wrap up Moooi in two words, I would say. 'why not'."

Design is not only about creating physical things, thinking like a designer can transform the way a business works and It is at the core of some of the world's most successful companies. Launched in 2001, Dutch furniture house Moooi is well known for its unique approach to business and the successful balance of design brain, Marcel Wanders, and business brain, Casper Vissers.

Visiting Australia for the second time, Vissers' trip coincided with the Space+Moooi 2014 Design Residency that follows the success of the program's launch in 2010. This year Australian designer Tom Fereday spent two-months inside the Moooi headquarters in Breda, the Netherlands, under the guidance of both Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers.

Here, Casper Vissers speaks with Artichoke magazine about business innovation and learnings from inside Moooi.