A tribute to the great Parisian museum and described as a mix of craftsmanship by a great master glassmaker and an abstract pastry chef, artist Jacopo Foggini reveals his new chair for the musée D'orsay. This isn't the first time President of the Musée d'Orsay, Guy Cogeval, has commissioned works by contemporary artists and designers. First there was the Water Block benches by Japanese designer/artist Tokujin Yoshioka in the Impressionist’s Gallery, followed by Edra and the Campana brothers' renovation of the Café de l’Horologe, now known as Café Campana, that saw their Aster Papposus transforming the salon. The latest collaboration is between the museum, Edra and artist Jacopo Foggini and is described by the artist as a tribute to the musée D'Orsay and the treasures it contains. Made by Italian manufacturer Edra, well known for their innovative use of materials and techniques, the translucent shell of the chair is produced using a new technology invented for the occasion.

"The idea that generated the seat Nel Blu Dipinta di Blu can be synthesized as a brushstroke of four colours on a incandescent tongue of polycarbonate," explains Foggini. "Each chair is a unique piece, a free gesture hand made. Half way between the craftsmanship of a master glassmaker and an abstract pastry chef, where the material to be molded becomes a material of the future".