"To be a designer means to be always finding answers. I hope we will find new ways with quality, with better conscience and be more responsible", remarks Patricia Urquiola  who joined designers Ross Lovegrove, Marc Newson, Tom Dixon and a host of industry leaders who were asked by Crane TV to reflect on the history of civilisation and their hopes for the future. One of the key topics was the important breakthroughs in localising manufacturing, with new technologies and production methods fast becoming accessible to everybody. Digital technology is the new designer-maker language and it's shareable and immediate. It's also completely scaleable and with holistic ideas can be used across very small projects and in the design of whole cities. 3D printing is just one part of this offering. Wearable technology is another, where design and science meet and will soon allow us to build technology into living organisms. According to everyone interviewed it's only our imaginations that will hold us back.