Online luxury travel site Jetsetter has announced the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht has won this year's Best Design Hotel Award. Designed by Marcel Wanders, the design for the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht (the old public library of Amsterdam) cherishes Dutch heritage. Wanders has been drawn to the sensibilities of the Golden Age and the Discovery Age, as well as Delftware, historical maps, navigation instruments and Amsterdam's creative and knowledge economy.

In the atrium, the carpeted floor represents a map of the world and the lighting installation an ancient navigation system for travelers, with its constellation of shimmering stars. The wallpaper depicts Amsterdam’s architectonic heritage and an array of symbols are organised to illustrate the ascending from hell to heaven. The lavishly proportioned signature Bell Lamps, with their internal royal chandeliers, welcome guests. While every hotel  room door number is hand painted in traditional Dutch house style, giving the feeling of returning to your apartment at the end of the day. The furniture and textiles, carpets and wallpapers are custom designed – many produced by furniture group Moooi including the Smoke Chair, Monster Chair and Container Tables – and every piece tells a story.

"As a designer, I always try to design things with personality and character. I even hand painted each wash basin in my one minute style myself! They are all unique", remarks Wanders. "The Andaz is my gift to Amsterdam!"