In memory of Piero Busnelli, the founder of B&B Italia and 'father' of furniture design in Italy who died earlier this year, Domus magazine has re-published an article on Busnelli written by Minnie Gastell in 1982 and tracing a huge contribution to design that began in the 60s. An industrialist for design

Well, of course, you soon see why you can't help talking about Piero Busnelli, when writing about B&B Italia or, as in this case,Un'industria per il design, a book which tells the story of this Italian furniture company, analysing its research work, designers and image. For without wishing to sound too celebrative, when you meet him, you realise that B&B is Piero Busnelli, who likes to play the part of the big jovial man, as indeed he really is. Then you notice the ice-cold blue eyes of the gifted Brianza man, who enjoys drawing deft caricatures of architectural styles on a plastic panel with a felt pen, from Louis XIV to the Bauhaus and post-modern. But he can at once translate everything into costs and profits.

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