"Munari Polytechnic" and “Italian Design Beyond the Crisis” look at the work of Bruno Munari and a host of female designers whose work holds an important, but often overlooked, place in the history of Italian design.Other big names including Gio PontiCarlo MollinoSuperstudio and Enzo Mari set the scene for one of the most exciting periods in Italy's design heritage. What could you make from a single piece of cardboard? During the 1950s, the Italian artist and designer Bruno Munari succeeded in turning one into an inexpensive, yet effective alternative to sunglasses. After spending hours studying the way people use their hands as impromptu light shields, he figured out how to cut and fold cardboard to create the same protective effect. His ingenious sun visors became immensely popular — even President Dwight D. Eisenhower sported one on the campaign trail.

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