Ettore Moni has lived and worked in New York as a fashion photographer. Now living in Parma, Italy, his most recent work focuses on Italian history and landscape and the survey of transformed barges, flatboats and pile dwellings found along the River Po.

Ettore Moni's Suspended Homes is a collection of images taken along the plain of the River Po with the technique of the optical bench. Ettore Moni focuses on what he describes as "hanging houses", houses floating like huts, stilt houses or caravans, built by enterprising men who live and work on the river.  On show in Moni's hometown, Parma, Suspended Homes is as revealing as is it unexpected. It is not the Italy we normally see and far more Huckleberry Finn in it's celebration of freedom and adventure.

“Pile-dwellings, barges and flatboats resembling beached whales. Homes suspended in a world apart. Details on the edge of the city, exposed because the focal point – the dwellings beside the mighty watercourse. Homes torn between the constantly moving mass and a natural human desire for roots; between the tales of a never-ending story and the metaphorical signs of a time gone but not forgotten. Exploring a landscape shaped by the force of the River Po.”

Ettore Moni, 2014

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