Along with works by Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Tang Haywen, two limited edition pieces by Fernando and Humberto Campana go to auction at Sotherby's in Hong Kong later this month. Panda Puff (2010) and Cake Stool (2008) both editions from a series of 150 designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana, form part of the Boundless: Contemporary Art auction featuring some of the world's most collectable contemporary artists and designers.

Working together in São Paulo, Brazil, since 1989, Fernando and Humberto are designers rather than artists who create work that is functional, structurally complex and influenced by Brazil’s natural forms, street life, slums, and everyday materials including paper, wire, plastic, fabric, felt, carpet, rubber and wood, as well as art, film, dance and music. Describing their process as “a flirt with materials”, the approach is always directed by the form and function of their work.

Furniture designs are executed in their studio in São Paulo and by Italian furniture maker Edra, in collaboration with the group's art director Massimo Morozzi, but their work extends across scale and form to include pieces for a range of clients from Verve Cliquot to Alessi. Most recognisable are works including the furniture pieces FavellaBoa, SushiVermelhaCorallo and Anemone produced by Edra since the mid-1990s.

To view the Boundless: Contemporary Art collection visit Sotheby's here.