Dutch designer Marcel Wanders talks with Dezeen magazine about the importance of new design thinking and the lengths the Moooi design team go to to make each piece. "With LEDs we need to redesign our thinking about what to do. You have these little lights, but each of them is very sharp. If you want enough light in an LED lamp you have to put them together and [if] you have a lot it [will] blind you completely. One of the solutions is to put these little lights further away from each other."

Marcel Wanders and the Moooi team has used a patented technology to solve the problem and it's this kind of innovation that underpins Moooi, making it one of the most exciting design brands to watch. Beyond producing beautiful objects, the design team and its many collaborators is incredibly thorough with every aspect of the design process from the right materials to the right techniques.

"You know the strange thing is that you will always find out that the companies who copy something, they don't copy all the things that don't sell," remarks Wanders. Only the things that sell really well. Strange huh? So basically a company who does design has to also find a way to make its margin for all the other things that fail. Which is part of design itself."

Moooi's commitment to fostering design thinking both inside and outside the company sees them partnering with Space Furniture to launch the Space+Moooi Design Residency. The two-month programme to be held next year, will place an Australian designer inside the Moooi headquarters in Breda, the Netherlands, under the guidance of Marcel Wanders and Moooi cofounder Casper Vissers. It's an amazing opportunity for a local designer to work closely with the Moooi team, gaining insights and first-hand experience across all aspects of the business.

Applications are open until 5pm EST October 30. For information and to apply visit the Space website here.