We should all be buying with longevity in mind says French designer Philippe Starck who spoke with Dezeen magazine about the importance of products that are ecological in their timelessness. "You buy for you your life, for your children, and your grandchildren," the French designer Philippe Starck argues. He asserts that consumers today should be buying products that will last for generations rather than following passing trends. It's an environmental choice.

"Timeless is the only way that is really ecological," Starck explains. "We don't need recycling if we just buy less and we buy quality. If we are obliged to buy something, we have to buy something intelligent, which has longevity, so that you don't put it in the trash five years later because it is no longer a good look."

Internationally recognised as a design brand himself, since the early 1990s Philippe Starck has been emancipating often boring household items with a range of tongue-in-cheek teapots and fruit juicers for Alessi, furniture for Kartell and Fiam Italia, as well as most things you can think of – cars, aeroplanes, hotels, toothbrushes, watches, lights, sunglasses, luxury yachts, bicycles, televisions, clocks, prefab houses... the list goes on.

True to Starck's philosophy for design longevity, one of his most popular chairs is the Louis Ghost made by Kartell that celebrated its 10th birthday in 2012. Other Starck highlights include the cute Louis Ghost Print collection, Louis Ghost siblings Victoria Ghost and Lou Lou Ghost and the Good Design Award winning Masters Chair that pays tribute to Modernist masters Arne Jacobsen, Eero Saarinen and Charles Eames who created designs in the 20th century that are as fresh today as they were when they launched over 50 years ago.