B&B Italia has opened its first store in Mexico City at the Park Plaza. One of the greenest buildings in Mexico, it harvests all of its rainwater, has a thermal insulating façade, cascading gardens and an all-green roof.

This new showroom in Mexico City follows in the footsteps of the group's first shop in Vienna, Austria, which opened in May this year. While so many international fashion and design brands flounder, B&B Italia is a family-run design success story that continues to grow around the world by developing strong local partnerships.

With the internationally celebrated modernist Pulitzer-prize winning architect Luis Barragán setting the local scene, this new venture into Mexico represents an optimism in the local economy as the country develops a taste for international design on the back of its strong cultural history.

Exploring the many rich and diverse sounds of Mexico, in late 2012 Domus magazine commissioned a series of musical mix tapes curated by architect Alberto Bustamante. Sometimes nostalgic and often rebellious, the works are all produced by local Mexican musicians whose work responds to a theme set by Alberto – The Sound of Nuevo Norte, Bamerette and Atlacomulco. Have a listen at Domus online here.