To launch their new showroom in Spazio Brera in Milan, Foscarini commissioned architect Attillio Stocchi to design an installation inspired by the flowers blooming in their new neighbourhood.  A light sculpture fifteen metres high and with 142 faces, Seed pays homage to Foscarini's new location in the city and represents the group's commitment to art that is underpinned annually at the Venice Biennale. Taking its inspiration from the street's Spring flowers, Attillio took a selection of seeds including chervil and sunflowers and projected them onto the surface of the structure in huge proportions. Inside, images of light and colour are accompanied by the sound of a cello balancing the harmony of light and sound.

Like all of the projects that Foscarini undertakes, there is a deeper vision than just spectacle. Foscarini plans to use the new showroom in Brera as a collaborative space where the company will work together with artists and designers. A similar Foscarini space has also unfolded in Soho, New York, where Italian conceptual artist Stefano Arienti created the work 'Algae' from hundreds of plastic bags, creating an organic space from the manmade. See an interview with Stefano Arienti here.

Seed is on show at Foscarini Spazio Brera until 31 July, 2013.