One of Italy's most well-known designers, Piero Lissoni's work criss-crosses architecture, furniture and graphics. In this interview with filmmaker Matthew Donaldon for Nowness, the designer opens the doors to his Tuscan home.

Overflowing with projects Piero's Milanese studio has become a kind of design mecca for graduating creatives. Now one of the most sought after offerings for interns who travel from all over the world to secure a position, they follow in the footsteps of Patricia Urquiola who is one of the more famous of his 'graduates'.

His clients include furniture makers Porro, where he is also the group's art director, Living Divani, Kartell and Glas Italia, and his work is synonymous with clearly articulated pure forms produced from his studio Lissoni Associati in Milan.

Furniture includes the Extra Wall sofa and Softwall bed for Living Divani, the Dark Side of the Moon coffee table for Glas Italia and Plastics Duo sofa for Kartell, while his most recent buildings include a luxury apartment development on Lake Surprise in Miami Beach.

Here we meet Piero Lissoni in his villa in the countryside of Tuscany where he has built an escape he describes as imperfect and full of different thoughts – a combination of his own designs, antique carpets, African pieces, a wooden block collected in the countryside...

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