In a behind the scenes look at the Eames Office, author Marilyn Neuhart sheds light on the many talented designers who were part of the team for nearly three decades. The author of The Story of Eames Furniture's Marilyn Neuhart and her husband John began at the Eames Office in the 1950s and have nearly 30 years of experience working with Ray and Charles and the many talented designers in the studio. In a fascinating interview with, the Neuhart's share their motivation for the book and some of the stories behind it. Describing Charles Eames as a 'movie star' who followed his own dream and a fantastic teacher who as soon as you cleared a design hurdle he would raise it.

The book is a carefully researched tomb about the people behind the studio and took 13 years of travelling the country, meeting and interviewing designers who are now part of the Eames mythology. Identifying the people who were not known outside the office but were essential in the development of pieces now manufactured by Vitra including the Eames House Bird and Eames Elephant. The book aims to complete the back story of the Eames Office and is described by Marilyn Neuhart as "filling the gaps".