Likening Milan to a classic Italian movie: a little bit crazy but with a lot of love, Swedish designers Front take a look at the city where their international career took off.  As Milan insiders, what do you think are the ingredients that have shaped, and continue to shape the city in to a vibrant design destination?

Italy and Milan is the world’s centre of furniture design. Italy has a long tradition of excellent craftsmanship, family-run companies, a great sense of style and a lot of boldness when it comes to trying out new things. Milan is the place where the Italians' interest for fashion, flair and style comes together like a classic Italian movie; a bit crazy but with lots of love.

How would you summa rise the spirit and highlights of this year's fair?

This was the year when there was a bit of everything on show. From the Scandinavian simple functionalist style and all kinds of craft-related design, to extravagant gold noses and concept cars. Lots of projects were talking about alternative production, and there were a lot of self-made design machines around. It is a year when it is difficult to pin point one trend. Despite the worrying financial situation there are still a lot of new things being produced. It felt like there were a lot of different strands, it was like if the designers and companies were searching and trying out new ways of doing things.