An intimate, personal story, this is Doll the new lamp inspired by the traditional Japanese Kokeshi doll and created by French designer Ionna Vautrin for Foscarini. Graduating from L'école de design Nantes Atlantique in 2002 Ionna Vautrin worked for Camper in Spain and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec in France. At the same time Vautrin developed her own works with differents design companies, the first time with Industreal in Milan, then with the Tools Galerie in Paris and since 2010 with Foscarini.

Born out of the encounter between an oil lamp and a japanese Kokeshi doll, the new light for Foscarini adopts a classical spirit with its chubby head made out of blown glass and its little cylindrical body made out of colored plastic. Doll provides a radiant light and immerses the environment in a warm and cosy atmosphere.