In 2002 Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere signed their first commissions together and in 2006 established Studio Lucidi & Pevere in Milan. Here, we go inside the workshop to see the making of the Aplomb lamp for Foscarini. Research and innovation, quality production, maximum flexibility and a product-centred culture are the traits of the Italian based lighting group that has also gained its reputation for some of the most interesting design partnerships in Italy that include fashion brand Diesel and balance design and production perfectly.

Foscarini's work with both grand masters and young and up-and-coming new talents, including Patricia Urquiola, Marc Sadler and Studio Lucidi & Pevere, have led to original products that are the result of the collaboration of the designer, the skills of traditional artisans and the production know-how of the Foscarini team.

Combining the need for highly reduced dimensions and thickness, detailed finishes and smooth surfaces, the lack of flexibility of concrete was the greatest challenge in developing Aplomb. The result was achieved through the use of a special amalgam which produces a surface that appears rough, but is in fact gentle to the touch.  The suspension lamp has the characteristic shape of an upside-down funnel that visually reduces solidity of concrete yet celebrates its material aspect.