The new Party sofa is a flexible seating system that in the words of the designer, combines “a ‘sprawl mindset’ with the concept of traditional seating”. Young Rome-born designer, Gabriele Rosa, made his debut with Zanotta at the 2008 Internationale Salone del Mobile and continues his work with Zanotta with the launch of the Party sofa. Designed with two different seat depths, and oblique cuts to allow for asymmetrical arrangements, Party makes the most of the accompanying pouf, multiple cushions and armrests, as well as desk and shelving elements which can be fitted to the back of the sofa, or utilised elsewhere.

Interpreting the change that occurs throughout one’s life, Party adapts to the personal story of each user. “I designed this modular sofa for people with quick change capacities", remarks Rosa. "People who, in the arc of a day, go through different situations and different moments all in the same place, dealing with them naturally and with rhythms and hours that are totally fluid”.

With its tough frame made from steel, the back cushion upholstery is soft (in Dacron Du Pont or 100% goose feathers) with removable fabric or leather covers. The desk and book shelf elements are finished in black or chrome with tops covered in cowhide pigmentato. Dynamic and multifunctional, Party brings together various domestic scenes, whether for relaxation, work or sleep.