In tune with its cabinetmaking history, the Giorgetti company launched in 1898 and continues to create timeless, handcrafted pieces made from natural materials that balance past and present and are now exhibited in private spaces like the Giorgetti Atelier in Milan. As the influence of the handmade steadily grows, designers and manufacturers are focusing on the beautifully crafted and on smaller runs that will stand the test of time. Founded in Meda by the Giorgetti family, the furniture group is renowned for its dedication to the handcrafted. Like many traditional furniture houses in Europe the design approach is about connecting to a tradition steeped in centuries of knowledge and fine timber workmanship.

With its focus on inventive craftsmanship, Giorgetti also thinks differently about who it works with on its collections. 'Timeless' objects are always at the centre of every brief to an eclectic group of collaborators – including intellectuals, artists, architects and urban planners – brave initiative that Giorgetti began in the late 1980s and continues to build on.

Collection highlights in 2012 include Derby, a new Nordic-inspired sofa and armchair by Laura Silvestrini; Mobius, a wing chair and stool by Umberto Asnago. Fabula, a leather armchair and sofa also by Umberto Asnago; and the exquisitely detailed DIA cabinet, ION writing deign and YLI table, all by architect Chi Wing Lo.