Art Director of Edra since 1987, Massimo Morozzi trained as an architect and gained recognition in the 1970s as a key agitator with Italian design group Archizoom. For the past thirty years he has been a barometer of change in the design world identifying key shifts and new faces, including the discovery of Fernando and Humberto Campana in the early '90s who he brought into the Edra fold. We asked Massimo Morozzi for his thoughts on this year's fair. MS: Could you please describe the mood of the Milan Furniture Fair this year?

MM: About the same as always. I think that you can notice changes only in the long term.

MS: Could you please describe the Edra collection in one sentence?

MM: Work, perseverance, the pleasure of doing the things we do, and passionate, as usual.

MS: What was one of the biggest highlights for you at this year's launch?

MM: My debut with Edra in cabinet making, the new piece Bois de Rose (pictured).

MS: Were there any new technical processes and material experiments you pulled off this year?

MM: The most traditional material, wood, and the most traditional technology, the inlay.

MS: Which new pieces are you most excited about this year and why?

MM: I’m always thinking about it, as usual. For the moment I don’t have specifics ideas. There are, as ever, a lot of hypothesis that become clear little by little through the work.

MS: What was one of the best comments you received?

MM: Bravo!