Described by Sjoerd Vroonland as a storytelling chair, the Extension series produced by Moooi also represents the approach of a designer whose chairs strive to become more valuable the more you use them, while at the same time creating a visual connection to the many day-to-day uses of a chair – yes, a seat to sit on, but also a playful response to the question of where to sling a jacket, a handbag or an umbrella. So what does revised craft mean? In the world of Vroonland, the studio headed up by designer Sjoerd and product developer Arjan Vaandrager, it is explored through the deconstruction of 19th and 20th century design ideas. Like fellow Dutch creatives Maarten Baas and Marcel Wanders, Vroonland is revisiting old methods of making by embracing design provenance with a degree of dry Dutch wit and a flair for material experimentation. Unlike a lot of what we are seeing in the fashion world right now, there is no nostalgia. In the hands of Vroonland, revised is definitely not code for copycat, his chairs are built on a deep interest in a period when things were made well.

The Extension chair was recently exhibited at the Moooi Gallery in Amsterdam, you can watch the film here, and will be on show from 3 November – 31 December, 2011, at Strand Noord in Utrecht, The Netherlands.