Objects by Bertjan Pot speak on many levels – they are playful, innovative, often theoretical and always experimental. He's applied wool felt flocking to steel-framed chairs (Seamless), and dispensed with the frame altogether with the Knotted chair and Carbon Chair, created in 1996 and 2004, respectfully, with Marcel Wanders, where carbon fibre is knotted and hand coiled into the shape of a chair and hardened with epoxy resin. "Almost all [my] designs come from experiments in materials, old and new. They could be described as structural and non-structural skins – as in the Knitted lamp, where I froze a soft textile around a cluster of balloons and the resin-drained textile became the hard structure."

Bertjan Pot lives in Rotterdam, while his studio and manufacturing base is in the nearby port city of Schiedam. Launched as part of the Moooi collection, a brand art directed and co-founded by his friend and designer Marcel Wanders, the Non Random pendant light is made from glass fibres spun into a tight geometric 'weave' around an inflatable mould, then hardened with epoxy resin. In mathematical terms the shapes sit somewhere between circular and ovoid in form, but have been more emotively described as hanging soap bubbles or tightly woven balls of wool.

Non Random is an evolution of Bertjan's 2002 Randon light (also for Moooi) that started out as an experiment of coiling glass fibres in straight lines around a big balloon for support. "Later, I found there had been similar designs for lighting in the 1970s", he remarks. "But that didn't bother me. Mine was just a turn-of-the-century translation."